NFT 活动:连接数字和实体世界








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Web3 教育小组、加密货币会议网络活动和专属会员俱乐部派对已经恢复,但与会者正在采用新的方式来利用区块链技术参与这些现场活动。 NFT 票务是一种革命性的方式,可以避免传统票务的诸多问题,同时将加密货币好奇心带入 Web3。


上个月在阿姆斯特丹 Soho House 举办的首届 NFT Worldwide 活动就是一个完美的例子,其重点是为艺术家、创作者和品牌赋能,以适应新的创作者经济。 通过使用 Xverse 加密钱包,活动主办方能够无缝利用 NFT 票务,以便与会者可以持有他们的第一个 NFT 入场。 所有与会者在下载 Xverse 钱包并与活动组织者分享地址后,都会收到 ThisIsNumberOne 与 Chemical X 合作的 NFT。Chemical X 是英国当代艺术家,喜欢保持匿名,之前曾与班克斯和达米恩·赫斯特合作过艺术项目。

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如何铭刻一个比特币序数(Ordinal) NFT?

A panel of industry experts including representatives from Tesla, The Creative Corporation, an award-winning agency with top clients including Katy Perry, John Lennon & Spotify, and Khristian Flohr, Isabelle Udo, Digital Artist and founder of videOrbit Studio — known for a special NFT project with Particle Collection and Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air’, and BAYC Member and Content Creator with over 1.3m followers, deep-dived specifically on re-imagining interactions with NFTs and how to operate under the emerging model of web3.

Guests also enjoyed free NFT tattoo sessions with renowned tattoo artist Maxime Etienne, beats by DJ Cliff de Zoete, and an NFT Gallery by, an open market for Bitcoin NFT’s powered by Stacks. “This was a wonderful collaboration between artists and the community, attracting an impressively enthusiastic and thoughtful audience.

Having an NFT ticket held through Xverse mobile wallet was an excellent use case for attendees to experience, showcasing something we believe in strongly at Gamma: the value of NFTs in both the digital and physical worlds.
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Xverse was thrilled to take part in an event empowering people to embrace this new digital realm.
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