Frequently Asked Questions


Am I able to transfer NFTs out of Xverse wallet?

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Yes, you can transfer NFTs out of Xverse wallet.

Do I need memo (also known as destination tag) for the transactions in Xverse?

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The wallet already supports adding memos in outgoing transactions. It is only required when you are sending a deposit transaction into an exchange address.The wallet does not need a memo to receive a transaction.
In some cases (like with Okcoin) it will require you to put something for the memo, which is actually optional.So you can just put 0.

Is it possible to access my BTC in the Xverse app using PC?

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Yes, you can restore your BTC wallet in electrum using your Xverse seed phrase. Just make sure to choose P2SH segwit wallet.

Why is my Stacks transaction pending?

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Stacks transactions will be in pending status until they are verified and confirmed by miners. This usually takes 10-30 minutes depending on the time it takes for new blocks to be added to the Stacks blockchain. You may see longer wait times when there is network congestion. You can set a higher transaction fee to incentivise Stacks miners to confirm your transaction first.

What’s the Bitcoin base fee to withdraw from the app?

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The btc transaction fees are estimated dynamically, depending on the network conditions. So it's variable and calculated when the transaction is built. The app will show the fee in the confirmation screen before the transaction is sent.

How do I transfer the Stacks NFT to my Xverse wallet?

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You can transfer Stacks NFTs to your Xverse wallet by sending the NFT to your Stacks address. You can find this address by tapping on the “Receive” button in your Stacks wallet dashboard screen.

Is there any way to change to other sub-accounts in a wallet in the Xverse app?

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Currently you cannot change to a sub-account in Xverse wallet but we are planning to add this feature in Q2 2022.

Does Xverse Wallet have fees for sending or receiving?

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Xverse wallet does not charge any fees for transactions. The transaction fees you pay for all transactions are paid to the miners on the Stacks network to verify your transaction.

What are seed phrases or secret keys and how do they work?

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A seed phrase is a series of words generated randomly which contains the unique key to your cryptocurrency wallet. You should never reveal your seed phrase to anyone as it gives full access to your wallet and crypto.

Please note: We use standardised seed phrases which will work in all wallets.

I think I lost my seed phrase/secret key to Xverse wallet, what can I do?

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As Xverse is a non-custodial wallet, if you lost your seed phrase no one will be able to help you recover your wallet. So it is very important to make sure that you back up your seed phrase securely when you create your wallet.

Can I transfer from my existing wallet like Hiro,, etc?

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You can restore your wallet in Xverse using the same set of seed phrases as your Hiro (or other) wallet.

Where can I find support for the Xverse mobile wallet?

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You can go to a dedicated channel #support on our discord or send us an email to

What are the supported cryptocurrencies?

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Xverse wallet supports Stacks, Bitcoin and all fungible tokens built on Stacks such as MiamiCoin and NYCCoin.

Why should I use Xverse wallet?

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  1. It is the only mobile wallet for Stacks that not only does not charge any fees for stacking but also distributes stacking pool rewards in Bitcoin. We have also recently lowered the minimum amount required to participate in stacking to 100 STX (previously - 500 STX). Read more about stacking on our blog.
  2. With the recent release of the DApp browser you can now interact with all of the Bitcoin web3 apps powered by Stacks from within the wallet - apps like Byzantion, Arkadiko, STXNFT, ALEX. Read more on our blog.

We are also continuously adding new features with multiple account support and web-based Xverse pool Stacking plus more coming soon.

What is Stacks?

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Stacks’ mission is to create a better, user-owned, decentralized internet. To do it, they are unleashing Bitcoin, the most battle-tested and valuable blockchain in the world. As a result, Stacks has recently become #1 Web3 project on Bitcoin.

What is Xverse Wallet?

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Xverse wallet is a non-custodial mobile wallet for Stacks and Bitcoin available for Android and iOS. It was developed by team members from the original Stacks team.


How do I participate in Stacking with the Xverse wallet?

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On mobile - You can Stack with Xverse wallet by going into the “Earn” tab in the app and choose the Xverse pool option.

You will be joining thousands of other pool users to receive Bitcoin rewards from participating in proof-of-transfer consensus.

On web-based Stacking pool- Connect your web based wallet and allow the Xverse pool contract to interact with your wallet and confirm your STX delegation.

What’s the minimum amount of STX needed by a user to participate in Stacking?

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The minimum amount of STX needed to Stack with Xverse pool is 100 STX. This minimum amount is set based on the Bitcoin transaction fees required to distribute the reward to your Bitcoin wallet from the pool.

Can I have more than 1 active Stacking amount per address?

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No, you can only have 1 active Stacking amount per address. In order to Stack more STX you will need to use a different address.

How is APY (annual percentage yield) calculated in the wallet for stacking?

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The BTC you receive as a stacker comes from STX miners. They will adjust the amount they send based on price of BTC and STX so that they're profitable. The APY we calculate are based on historical returns.

Is it possible to add STX to your stacking mid cycle?

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No, it is not possible.

Where can I check the status of the current cycle?

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You can check it on the website right here

What happens if I join mid cycle?

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Your locked amount and lock time remaining will say "Pending" as you will have to wait for the new cycle to begin.

If I add more STX to my wallet before the next cycle, can I revoke delegation and re delegate to stake the increased amount?

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Revoking delegation does not unlock your STX. Once locked, the STX stays locked for the full number of cycles you chose.If you want to increase the amount of STX stacked, you can either wait for the existing stacking cycles to complete or create a new wallet to stack.

Where can I learn more about Stacking and Stacking with Xverse?

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Stacks has just released a tutorial video with an introduction to Stacking. It covers how stacking works, what the benefits of stacking are, and how you can use stacking to your advantage. It includes a detailed tutorial on how to participate in Stacking with Xverse. You can watch it right here

Is there any benefit in locking the tokens for longer period (more cycles)?

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You will miss a cycle every time your stacking period finishes. This is a protocol level limit. So that would affect your real return if you stack for shorter cycles.