Earn Bitcoin by Stacking with Xverse Wallet

Stack a minimum 100 STX and earn on average 10% APY in native Bitcoin with Xverse.

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Daniel Bowden


March 29, 2022

What is Stacking?

Stacking is temporarily locking STX tokens to support the Stacks blockchain.

By locking STX, you provide valuable security and consensus through Proof of Transfer (PoX), Stack’s unique consensus mechanism. Stackers earn Bitcoin that Stacks miners transfer to the protocol to mine new STX.

A stacking cycle occurs each time 2100 Bitcoin blocks are mined, which takes approximately two weeks. You can check the status of a current cycle, including an estimated minimum reward, at https://pool.xverse.app/.

How much Bitcoin can I earn per cycle?

By stacking with Xverse, a mobile wallet that supports Bitcoin and Stacks, you can earn on average 10% APY in real Bitcoin and pay zero fees. Miners adjust the annual percentage yield (APY) based on the price of BTC and STX in order to be profitable. The APY calculated in the Xverse app is based on historical returns.

How to Stack STX with Xverse

Xverse pool offers a free, non-custodial stacking pool with low minimums. Xverse pool is a delegated pool meaning your Stacks never leave your wallet. You can start stacking with as low as 100 STX by joining thousands of other stackers in Xverse pool, available on mobile and desktop. Watch the video below to learn how to stack STX in Xverse pool and delegate from a Ledger device.

Using a stacking pool also helps reduce the impact of varying rewards per stacking slot. There’s a rare chance (~5%) a “flash block” will occur on the Bitcoin blockchain resulting in an empty reward slot. However, since a pool collectively holds many slots, the missed Bitcoin from that slot is shared across the pool participants. This means that no single participant misses an entire reward slot.

Earn Bitcoin with Xverse Stacking Pool

Step 1. Download Xverse app, available on Android and iOS.

Step 2. Go to the ‘Earn’ tab and select the “Stack STX” option. Select the amount of STX to lock.

Step 3. Your locked amount will say “pending” as you wait for the next cycle to begin. The pool will only lock right before the start of the next cycle. Once locked, your STX will remain locked until you choose to unlock your STX. Once you choose to unlock your STX, they will be unlocked at the end of the current cycle.

Step 4. Bitcoin rewards will be paid at the end of the cycle (approximately every two weeks). You have to be stacked before a cycle begins in order to receive rewards for that particular cycle.

Tips for Stacking STX

You can only have one active Stacking amount per address. If you want to increase the amount of STX, you can either wait for the existing cycle to complete or create more wallet addresses. Increasing the quantity of your STX locked results in a higher effective yield.

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