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Xverse - The best wallet for BRC-20 Tokens

Xverse is the most advanced Bitcoin wallet, developed for the fast-growing Web3 ecosystem built on top of Bitcoin. 

As the market-leading Bitcoin Web3 wallet, Xverse enables you to securely store, send, and receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin NFTs, and BRC-20 tokens all in one place. If you want to explore the world of native Bitcoin L1 assets, Xverse is your go-to wallet.

What Are BRC-20 Tokens?

BRC-20 tokens are fungible digital tokens minted on the Bitcoin blockchain, enabled by the emergence of the Ordinals protocol. Created by the pseudonymous developer Domo in March 2023, the BRC-20 token standard has birthed a new class of native L1 assets on Bitcoin that can be minted, transferred, and traded. 

Meme coins are currently the most common type of BRC-20 token as this new experimental, Bitcoin-native asset class is taking its first baby steps. ‘Ordi’ was the first BRC-20 token, minted by the token standard’s creator on March 8, followed by the likes of ‘Meme,’ ‘Pepe,’ and ‘Domo.’ 

While BRC-20 tokens are still in the experimental stage, they have the potential to create a new market of Bitcoin-native digital assets.

Seamlessly Send & Receive BRC-20 Tokens

Using Xverse, you can seamlessly store, send, and receive BRC-20 tokens while retaining complete control over your private keys. 

Available on Android and iOS for mobile and as a browser extension for Chrome, Xverse is the best BRC-20 wallet to securely store and manage all your Bitcoin L1 assets.

Mint BRC-20 Tokens using Xverse Mint App

You can now seamlessly mint BRC-20 tokens using Xverse’s BRC-20 Mint App and your Xverse Wallet.

All you need to do is access the BRC-20 Mint App, search for the token you want to mint, and click the ‘Mint’ button. You will then be taken to the minting dashboard for the chosen BRC-20 token. 

There, you can decide how many tokens you want to mint and the number of repeat mints. Next, you confirm the transaction by clicking ‘Submit,’ At this point, your Xverse BRC-20 wallet will open, you unlock it using your password and confirm the mint by signing the transaction using your Xverse wallet.

Buy & Sell BRC-20 Tokens With Ease

Xverse users can trade BRC-20 tokens directly within their wallet thanks to a partnership with the leading DeFi protocol ALEX

ALEX is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) supporting BRC-20 tokens, combining L1 indexing & L2 optimization to enable fast and secure BRC-20 trading in a completely permissionless manner.

Download Xverse to start trading BRC-20 tokens.

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