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Xverse - The Best Bitcoin DeFi wallet

Xverse is the most advanced Bitcoin wallet, developed for the burgeoning web3 ecosystem built on Bitcoin. 

As the market-leading Bitcoin DeFi wallet, Xverse allows you to seamlessly interact with cross-chain Bitcoin DeFi protocols and on Bitcoin layers like Stacks. Whether you are looking to trade BRC-20 tokens, take out a Bitcoin loan, or earn yield as a liquidity provider, Xverse is your go-to Bitcoin DeFi wallet.

What is Bitcoin DeFi?

Bitcoin DeFi refers to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and protocols built on top of Bitcoin.

The DeFi market provides Internet-native financial products and services that anyone with an Internet connection and a digital wallet can access. By alleviating the need for financial intermediaries, DeFi enables anyone across the globe to use blockchain-powered financial services such as borrowing, lending, and investing without having to fill out paperwork or provide personal information. Instead, all you need to do is connect your DeFi wallet - such as Xverse - to a decentralized finance application, and you are good to go! 

DeFi on Bitcoin is a fast-growing segment of the global DeFi markets, enabling users to benefit from the security of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is the most robust, secure, and distributed cryptocurrency network, providing the ideal infrastructure for DeFi applications. 

Currently, you can already trade, borrow, lend, and stake digital assets on a range of DeFi applications built on Bitcoin. As the Bitcoin DeFi market continues to grow, we can expect a wide range of new products and services to join the fold. 

Seamless Buy and Sell BRC-20 Tokens 

Xverse lets you buy and sell BRC-20 tokens using your wallet, thanks to a collaboration with the leading Bitcoin DeFi platform ALEX.

ALEX has built the first decentralized exchange (DEX) supporting BRC-20 token trading, combining L1 indexing & L2 optimization to provide a seamless BRC-20 trading experience in a permissionless manner.

Interact With Bitcoin DeFi Protocols Built on Stacks

The Bitcoin layer-2 protocol Stacks has established itself as a popular destination for Bitcoin DeFi applications, with the likes of ALEX or Arkadiko enabling you to trade and earn yield on a range of digital assets in a completely decentralized fashion. 

Xverse users can connect to DeFi applications directly using their mobile wallet or the Chrome extension to reap the full benefits of DeFi secured by Bitcoin, powered by Stacks.

Download Xverse to enter the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeFi?

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) refers to financial applications, platforms, and protocols built on open blockchain networks. DeFi provides an open and permissionless alternative to traditional financial systems by providing smart contract-powered, Internet-native applications where individuals can transact on a peer-to-peer basis.

DeFi platforms facilitate various financial activities such as lending, borrowing, decentralized trading, staking, yield farming, and asset management. 

By eliminating intermediaries and utilizing blockchain technology, DeFi aims to increase financial inclusivity, transparency, and accessibility. For example, participants can engage in DeFi services using digital assets as collateral to earn interest while maintaining control over their funds without relying on traditional financial institutions.

What is a DeFi Wallet? 

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A DeFi wallet enables you to interact with decentralized finance applications in addition to allowing you to securely store and manage digital assets. 

Unlike standard Bitcoin wallets that enable you to store, send, receive, and buy BTC, Bitcoin DeFi wallets - like Xverse - also allow you to access DeFi applications built on Bitcoin directly using your mobile wallet or Chrome Extension.

Is there DeFi for Bitcoin?

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Yes. There is a fast-growing DeFi ecosystem being built on and secured by Bitcoin. 

Most Bitcoin DeFi applications currently operate on Bitcoin layer-2 protocols, such as Stacks and Rootstock. With the introduction of the Taproot protocol upgrade in 2021, more smart contract functionalities have been added to the Bitcoin ecosystem, enabling new products and solutions to be built. For example, you can now mint fungible tokens on Bitcoin in the form of BRC-20 tokens, which you can trade in a completely decentralized manner.

What are examples of popular Bitcoin DeFi Projects?

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ALEX and Arkadiko are arguably two of the most popular Bitcoin DeFi applications, enabling you to securely trade and earn yield on your digital assets. There’s also Zest Protocol, which provides uncollateralized Bitcoin loans to make Bitcoin a productive asset. All of these protocols operate on Stacks and can be seamlessly accessed by connecting your Xverse Stacks wallet

Other examples of exciting Bitcoin DeFi applications include Sovyrn and MoneyonChain, which operate on Rootstock (RSK), a smart contract-enabled Bitcoin sidechain.

Why is there a growing demand for Bitcoin DeFi?

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Bitcoin is the most secure and decentralized cryptocurrency network in the world. Therefore, products and services built on top of Bitcoin are on the most robust, battle-tested infrastructure available in the crypto market. 

Moreover, more and more crypto users are moving (back) to Bitcoin as the world’s leading cryptocurrency has shown its resilience, even in challenging times, and now also provides a suite of opportunities for builders to build their applications on top of Bitcoin as opposed to other blockchains. An increasing number of Bitcoin layer-2 protocols and sidechains enable developers to build innovative solutions secured by Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin itself considered DeFi?

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DeFi focuses on providing decentralized financial applications that enable anyone with Internet connectivity and a digital wallet to access financial services, whereas Bitcoin is, first and foremost, a digital money network. Therefore, Bitcoin itself is not considered a DeFi product. Having said that, it’s easy to argue that as the first functioning decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin was the first form of decentralized finance ever created. 

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