The Bitcoin Wallet for everyone

All your Bitcoin assets in one place. Available on iOS, Android and Chrome on desktop.

Built on Bitcoin
Ordinals and BRC20
Web3 on Bitcoin, using Stacks
Instant transactions with Lightning
Coming soon!

A home for your Ordinals and Rare Satoshis

Store, send and receive your digital collectibles in Xverse, plus enjoy the highest level of security with built-in Ledger support.

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Xverse and Ledger

Security is our top priority. Keep your assets safe with hardware cold storage support for Bitcoin, Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens, Stacks and SIP-10 tokens.

Xverse Extension and Ledger
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Earn on average 10% BTC rewards

Lock your $STX in our non-custodial stacking pool and earn $BTC without pool fees.

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