Accessing Bitcoin DeFi with Xverse: ALEX

June 8, 2022
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alex and xverse partnership

Xverse wallet is a non-custodial, mobile crypto wallet for Stacks and Bitcoin available for Android and iOS — your gateway to all Bitcoin web3 applications powered by Stacks.

Xverse in-app browser connects to Stacks web apps just as you would be using an extension wallet on a desktop browser.

That means you can easily sign into dApps like ALEX with your Xverse wallet account and sign any transactions requested by the app.

ALEX: Next Gen DeFi on Bitcoin Via Stacks

ALEX is an open-source DeFi protocol for Bitcoin powered by Stacks.

ALEX delivers the scalability and user experience needed to unleash the potential of the Bitcoin economy.

With ALEX, users can seamlessly do the following:

Discover and participate in the IDOs of emerging projects on the Stacks ecosystem.
Swap tokens, stake, provide liquidity and yield farm xBTC, xUSD and other Stacks native tokens.
Lend/Borrow without risk of Liquidation.

ALEX’s mission is simple: to turn Bitcoin into a productive asset and provide decentralized and permissionless financial services for all people.

How to use ALEX within the Xverse browser:

  1. Go to the in-app browser
  2. Enter into the browser
  1. Click on ‘connect wallet’ and allow connection request from ALEX
  2. You are now connected!
  3. You are now able to Swap tokens, Stake Alex to earn more rewards, take part in the Pool or Farm

Why Stacks?

Stacks is a unique blockchain that is bringing smart contracts and decentralised applications to Bitcoin. The Stacks ecosystem has the largest developer community currently working on Bitcoin.

With the mission of creating a better, user-owned, decentralised internet Stacks is unleashing Bitcoin, the most battle-tested and valuable blockchain in the world onto web3.

As a result, Stacks has recently become the #1 Web3 project on Bitcoin.

Go download the Xverse mobile wallet and check out ALEX on mobile.

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