Create MultiSig Accounts with Xverse Wallet

August 11, 2022
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Create MultiSig Accounts with Xverse Wallet

Xverse, the most advanced Web3 Bitcoin wallet, is thrilled to announce that soon users will be able to create co-owned, multi-signature “MultiSig” accounts directly in the app. This will be possible thanks to integrations with MultiSafe, a leading crypto platform that provides fund co-management services.

A MultiSig solution for Bitcoin DAO’s

MultiSafe offers users the ability to co-manage their STX, the native token of Stacks, and soon Bitcoin. Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable by bringing smart contracts to the world’s original blockchain while maintaining Bitcoin’s guiding principles of security and decentralization.

This opens an entirely new gateway to Bitcoin DAO’s with a scalable, open source, battle-tested storage solution for communities:

  1. Shared ownership: Rather than one person being in control, trust can be spread across multiple members to manage a communal fund, governance tokens, shared NFTs and other digital assets — reducing the risk of bad actors.
  2. Security: The more keys needed to execute a transaction, the more difficult it will be for a hacker to compromise the treasury.
  3. Payroll: A shared wallet can be used as a joint treasury from which to distribute funds, pay employees, and pay bounties.

“This partnership with MultiSafe enhances security options and offers an enterprise-ready wallet solution for managing digital assets,” says Ken Liao, CEO of Xverse. “Now users can streamline the creation of Bitcoin DAO’s and manage community assets on-the-go, furthering our mission of delivering a more decentralized economy for all.”

Why is Xverse the best way to create a MultiSafe?

By creating a MultiSafe in Xverse, users will be able to seamlessly connect to Web3 on Bitcoin and sign transactions with their community-shared fund. Xverse makes it easy to earn Bitcoin (BTC) through a stacking pool and access Web3 apps built on Stacks. Whether you’re looking to lend assets on DeFi protocols, mine CityCoins, or mint NFTs on marketplaces, Xverse is your one-stop shop for the expansive Stacks ecosystem secured by Bitcoin.

Further wallet integration partner providers are scheduled to go live this month. Stay tuned!

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