Xverse Wins First Prize at Paris Blockchain Week

Xverse solidifies first place as a leading web3 project at the largest blockchain conference in Europe.

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Elizabeth Olson


March 31, 2023

This month, Xverse was awarded first prize at Paris Blockchain Week's startup competition out of 700+ startups.

Jan Smejkal from the Xverse team delivered the winning pitch for the "Start in Block" competition during the 4th edition of Paris Blockchain Week, beating out nine other pre-selected startups across 45 countries and 30 Web3 segments. The conference is the largest blockchain conference in Europe, bringing together over 10,000 attendees, 300+ sponsors, and 400+ speakers.

A panel of prominent investors representing over $10 billion in assets under management provided detailed feedback and observed the ten pre-selected startups present their pitches on the main stage. At the end, three winners were selected by the juries: Xverse Bitcoin Wallet for Web3, Bubblemaps, and Staex.

Xverse Bitcoin Wallet for Web3 is an advanced and user-friendly non-custodial Bitcoin wallet for web3, that can downloaded as an app on iOS and Android or Chrome browser extension. With Xverse, users can easily manage their Bitcoin assets, Ordinals, NFTs and interact with Web3 decentralized applications.

According to Emmanuel Fenet, CEO of Paris Blockchain Week, "The interest and progress in the space was electric and could be felt throughout the week—the industry is maturing and that was on display."

"We are honored and excited to have won the Paris Blockchain Week Startup Competition," said Ken Liao, Founder and CEO of Xverse. "This is a win for Xverse and a strong signal for the Bitcoin ecosystem. We are excited to be at the forefront of the next generation of Bitcoin apps."

As the winner of the competition, Xverse Bitcoin Wallet for Web3 has gained exposure to a select group of global investors, granting them valuable access to industry leaders for potential partnerships. The Xverse team is grateful for this recognition and will remain committed to providing innovative and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet solutions that meet the needs of our users.

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