How to Buy and Sell Ordinals on UniSat with Xverse

Discover how to buy and sell Bitcoin Ordinals securely on the UniSat marketplace using Xverse, the leading Bitcoin Web3 wallet.

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Elizabeth Olson


January 23, 2024

UniSat has emerged as a popular marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals, providing a decentralized platform to securely trade Ordinal inscriptions by connecting a Bitcoin web3 wallet like Xverse. 

Read on to learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin Ordinals on UniSat using Xverse. 

What Is the UniSat Marketplace?

UniSat is a decentralized marketplace where you can buy, sell, and inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals. It is a PSBT-based trustless marketplace with an API infrastructure for seamless inscription, providing a simple interface with a straightforward buy-and-sell journey. 

Launched in 2023, UniSat supports a long list of Ordinals collections by harnessing information from an extensive GitHub repository. 

The UniSat Ordinals marketplace is compatible with Xverse, the market-leading Bitcoin web3 wallet, allowing you to securely store, buy, and sell Bitcoin Ordinals.  

How to Buy Bitcoin Ordinals on UniSat With Xverse

Now, let’s dive into it and take a look at how to buy Bitcoin Ordinals with your Xverse Browser Extension on UniSat.

  1. Go to the UniSat official website and click the ‘Marketplace’ icon in the upper right part of the homepage to access Bitcoin Ordinals collections.
  1. Connect your Xverse Wallet by clicking the ‘Connect’ icon on the top right corner of the listing page.
  1. Browse the listing to find the Ordinals you want to buy. Select a listing and click the ‘Buy’ icon to initiate the purchase. 
  1. Click ‘Confirm’ to finalize and confirm your purchase.
  1. Once the transaction is completed on the blockchain, you will receive your Ordinals in your Xverse wallet.

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is to buy an Ordinal inscription on UniSat with Xverse. 

How to Sell Bitcoin Ordinals on UniSat With Xverse 

Now, let’s look at how you can sell Bitcoin Ordinals on UniSat.

  1. Connect your Xverse Wallet to the UniSat Ordinals marketplace by clicking ‘Connect’ on the top right corner of the website homepage.
  1. Click on your wallet address in the top right corner, and a drop-down menu will direct you to access your inscriptions. Select ‘My Inscriptions.’
  1. Choose the inscriptions you want to sell and click on ‘List.’ 
  1. Add the price you’re selling them for.
  1. Sign the confirmation, and your Ordinals will be listed for sale. 
  1. Once someone purchases your listed Ordinal, you will receive the BTC, and they will receive the Ordinal inscription. 

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is to sell an Ordinal inscription on UniSat using your Xverse Wallet. 

Xverse - Your Gateway to the Bitcoin Ordinals Universe

Xverse is the market-leading Bitcoin web3 wallet with Bitcoin Ordinals support. The self-custody wallet allows you to buy, sell, and manage all your Bitcoin Ordinals conveniently in one place. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to seamlessly connect to all the major Ordinals marketplaces

Xverse is available as a Chrome extension and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Download the Xverse wallet today to securely buy, sell, and store your Bitcoin Ordinals.


How to Import My Wallet from Unisat?

To import your Unisat wallet into Xverse, it is important to understand how Xverse handles Bitcoin and Ordinals compared to Unisat.

With Xverse, Bitcoin is stored under addresses starting with '3' (Nested SegWit), while Ordinals, Runes, and BRC-20 tokens are stored under the address starting with 'bc1p' (Taproot). This separation is intended to enhance the safety of your assets. Conversely, Unisat wallet stores both Bitcoin and Ordinals under the same address.

If your Unisat wallet uses a Taproot address starting with ‘bc1p’ for both Bitcoin and Ordinals, you'll need to transfer your Bitcoin to a Nested SegWit address within Xverse after importing it with your seed phrase.

Please note, Xverse wallet does not support the importing of wallets using WIF or HEX private keys and only 12/24 word seed phrases can be imported.

Here's how to complete this process:

  1. When prompted during Xverse wallet setup, import your 12 or 24-word seed phrase. This will generate the same Taproot address starting with bc1p as in Unisat, with a different Bitcoin address starting with 3.
  2. Recover your Bitcoin from your Taproot address by following the steps outlined in this article: Can I recover BTC sent to the Ordinal address? Please note, as a part of this process you will need to have some BTC in your address starting with '3' (Nested SegWit) - this is used to cover the transaction fees when recovering your bitcoin.

Is UniSat Ordinals Marketplace Safe?

UniSat is a decentralized Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace that is generally considered safe. The marketplace API requires corresponding permissions to grant access. Moreover, the platform uses advanced encryption, anti-phishing codes, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits to keep your assets safe. UniSat also uses integrating features to verify the authenticity of transactions and prevent fraud. 

How do you connect Xverse Wallet to UniSat?

You can connect your Xverse Ordinals wallet to UniSat in three easy steps: go to the official UniSat marketplace website, click ‘Connect’ on the top right corner to connect your wallet, and select Xverse wallet from the list and input your password. Your Xverse wallet Chrome extension will then be connected to UniSat, and you can start buying or selling Bitcoin Ordinals.

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