How to Import Ordinal Bitcoin NFTs from Sparrow Wallet to Xverse

February 26, 2023
3 min
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Ready to transfer your Ordinals Bitcoin NFTs from Sparrow to Xverse? Follow these three easy steps! 

Ready to import your Ordinals from Sparrow to Xverse? Upgrade to the most advanced and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet, fully committed to NFTs. 

It only takes a few minutes with these three easy steps! 

STEP 1️:

Open the "Settings" tab of Sparrow Wallet and select "View Seed..." to view the seed phrase that contains your Ordinal inscriptions.

STEP 2️:

Download Xverse Ordinals wallet, available for iOS, Android or Chrome browser extension.

STEP 3️:

Enter the seed phrase found in Step #1 above into the "Restore an existing wallet" input displayed after installation. Be very careful where you store you seed phrase, as anyone with access to your seed phrase will have access to your wallet. Xverse wallet only stores your seed phrase or private keys locally on device and encrypts it with your password.

That’s it! Your Ordinal inscriptions will immediately appear in your Xverse wallet collectibles tab – a beautiful home for all your Bitcoin NFTs. When migrating from Sparrow, make sure your ordinals are not on the "change" addresses. Each address in Sparrow corresponds to an account in Xverse, so you’ll need to click "Add new account" to reveal all of them.

Xverse is the only Bitcoin wallet that allows you to view all your Bitcoin NFTs in a beautiful gallery, manageable in a safe and intuitive interface on desktop and mobile. It is fully compatible with OrdinalsBot, Gamma, and other inscription services. Plus you can now send Ordinal inscriptions to other others with just a few clicks.

Just like Sparrow, Xverse is a non-custodial wallet, vetted by 3rd party auditors for maximum security. Soon, Xverse will offer Multi-signature and Ledger support for Ordinals as well. And you will be able to use Xverse to seamlessly trade Ordinals on marketplaces. Try out the most advanced Bitcoin Web3 wallet today, and let us know what else you’d like to see!

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