Bitcoin NFT Event Ticketing: Bridging the Digital and Physical World

Live events are back and becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with the crypto community.

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Elizabeth Olson


June 10, 2022

Live events are back and becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with the crypto community. Web3 educational panels, crypto conference networking events, and exclusive membership club parties have resumed, but attendees are embracing new ways to gain entry to these live-events leveraging blockchain technology. Enter NFT ticketing: a revolutionary way to avoid the many hiccups of traditional ticketing and simultaneously onboard the crypto curious into Web3.

What are NFT Tickets?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is unique data on a blockchain that can be linked to digital and physical objects to provide proof of ownership. NFT tickets leverage blockchain technology for ticketing functionality. For example, because NFT's are unique, using them as tickets can help prevent fraud. Furthermore, NFT tickets not only serve a functional purpose, but can also be kept as memorable souvenirs and even collectibles from events.

How do NFT Tickets work?

Event organizers can mint a collection of NFTs to use as tickets for an event. They can either sell the NFT tickets on an NFT marketplace, or in cases where the event is free, airdrop them to guests. In order to airdrop free tickets, one method to consider is to create a form with instructions for guests to submit their wallet address during the event registration. Then the tickets can be airdropped to confirmed guest wallets. When guests arrive at the event, they can scan a QR code to confirm the NFT ticket in their wallet.

Bitcoin NFT Ticketing Case Study

Last month’s inaugural NFT Worldwide event at Soho House Amsterdam was a perfect example of this, focusing on empowering artists, creators, and brands to the new creator economy. With the use of Xverse crypto wallet, event hosts were able to seamlessly utilise NFT ticketing so attendees could gain entry holding their first NFT. All attendees, upon downloading Xverse wallet and sharing their address with event organizers, received an NFT by ThisIsNumberOne in collaboration with Chemical X, a British contemporary artist who prefers to remain anonymous and has previously worked on art projects with Banksy & Damien Hirst.

A panel of industry experts including representatives from Tesla, The Creative Corporation, an award-winning agency with top clients including Katy Perry, John Lennon & Spotify, and Khristian Flohr, Isabelle Udo, Digital Artist and founder of videOrbit Studio — known for a special NFT project with Particle Collection and Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air’, and BAYC Member and Content Creator with over 1.3m followers, deep-dived specifically on re-imagining interactions with NFTs and how to operate under the emerging model of web3.

Guests also enjoyed free NFT tattoo sessions with renowned tattoo artist Maxime Etienne, beats by DJ Cliff de Zoete, and an NFT Gallery by, an open market for Bitcoin NFT’s powered by Stacks. “This was a wonderful collaboration between artists and the community, attracting an impressively enthusiastic and thoughtful audience.

Xverse was thrilled to take part in an event empowering people to embrace this new digital realm.

We encourage you to connect with us at if you are interested in having NFT ticketing for an upcoming event.

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