What Are OnChainMonkey Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about OnChainMonkey Ordinals and how you can buy this Ordinals collection using Xverse

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Elizabeth Olson


March 22, 2024

OCM Genesis is the foundational and first 10k collection on Bitcoin to be inscribed in a single transaction, setting standards ahead of its time. OCM Genesis achieved many firsts in a single collection, recorded immutably on Bitcoin forever and impossible to repeat in the future.

What are OnChainMonkey Ordinals?

OCM Genesis is the first 10k Collection on Bitcoin, created before there was a collection standard on Bitcoin, and pioneered the use of the future collection standard on Bitcoin, Parent-Child Provenance. The collection standard is critical for the long term survival and value of collections on Bitcoin. Otherwise, records will be lost if it’s not part of the standard. Off-chain indexers are fragile and short lived, and even on-chain references that are not in the standard will be lost in time.

The OCM Genesis parent inscription, 20219, was the first generative parent inscription created to be used in Recursive Inscriptions, pioneering another future standard on Bitcoin. Recursive Inscriptions are perhaps the single most important and impactful innovation used by creators on Bitcoin. Generative art on Bitcoin depends on this, and the majority of generative art on Bitcoin today directly points to OCM, and uses the framework we provided.

OCM Genesis was inscribed on a premier canvas. OCM Genesis is the first 10k collection inscribed on Block 9, 450x sats, historic sats from the first Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto to Hal Finney.

The 10k rare sats of OCM Genesis are the art of the collection. There are 4 inscriptions on each sat of the 10k sats in the range: 4501780001 to 45017810000. OCM Genesis is the first time 10k continuous and unbroken sats have been inscribed. OCM Genesis is also the first 10k collection that used Reinscription, another standard we pioneered. Reinscription allows a sat to be inscribed multiple times, and can be used to create dynamic inscriptions that record state changes.

OCM Genesis is the most significant 10k collection that set many industry firsts, and is marked as a rare “Cursed” collection for innovations that later became important standards in the Ordinals Protocol: Parent-Child Provenance, Recursive Inscriptions, and Reinscription. 

What Makes OnChainMonkey Ordinals Unique?

OCM Genesis is the foundational ordinal collection that pioneers industry standards, the first 10k collection, setting many industry firsts, presenting a rare opportunity in the current early Bitcoin Ordinals market.

The Cursed Collection and the Canvas

The Genesis collection is ‘cursed’, a label given to inscriptions that incorporated features before the Ordinals protocol officially supported it. To be cursed is a point of reference of early days in ordinals.

As of today there are over 63 Million inscriptions, only about 472,000 cursed inscriptions will ever exist as no more cursed inscriptions can ever be created. Above that, the OCM Genesis collection is one of the few rare cursed inscriptions in this company with Parent-Child Provence, providing trustworthy and transparent recording and verification of the digital art that can be traced back to its parent or original creation. 

Additionally, part of collecting ordinals is collecting the sats they are stored on, and there isn’t a more premium canvas than Block 9 450x:

  • Block 9: The oldest sats in circulation
  • 450x: The first bitcoin of the 9th Block
  • Nakamoto: Mined by Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Vintage: Sat mined in the first 1,000 blocks

What's more? When you buy a OCM Genesis you get 4 inscriptions, three of which are cursed and on Block 9 450x sats.  OCM is a rare collection, a cursed collection of “firsts” on the highest quality “canvas”. 

When was the OCM Genesis Collection Created?

Originally created on Ethereum in September 2021, OCM became the first 10k collection to be inscribed on Bitcoin in inscription 20219 in February 2023.  Several months later in November 2023 when the Bitcoin infrastructure developed to support the already inscribed OCM Genesis on BTC, OCM Genesis on ETH holders began claiming their OCM Genesis on BTC inscriptions. This portal process involves teleburning the OCM Genesis on ETH, and receiving their respective OCM Genesis on BTC, that is, 4 inscriptions on one sat - upgraded art on Bitcoin. 

Why Are People Collecting OnChainMonkey Ordinals?

Collectors and enthusiasts alike are captivated by OCM's commitment to innovation, but also their mission to drive positive change globally.  OCM’s ‘RISE’ values (Respect, Integrity, Sustainability & Enrichment) are a clear indication of their commitment to treating everyone with respect, whilst demonstrating the highest ethical standards, and also being mindful of their consumption of shared, human resources.

They have an incredible founding team and investors:

  • CEO Danny Yang founded Maicoin, the largest crypto currency exchange in Taiwan, operating for more than a decade, and Blockseer, which government agencies used for blockchain analytics, acquired in 2018. He founded the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013 and has a PhD in computer science from Stanford
  • Chairman Bill Tai has been in crypto since 2010 and was the first investor in Zoom and seeded Canva, Dapper Labs, and over 20 publicly traded companies
  • COO Amanda Terry was a former executive at Twitter, several digital media start-ups that were acquired, and ran community for ACTAI Global, a 501c3 of tech entrepreneurs. She's a Princeton BA and Wharton MBA.
  • Investors include Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital, Marcos Bernal of Casa Batlló, Holly Branson of Virgin Unite, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Guy Oseary of Sound Ventures, Ray Chan of Memeland, Roham Gharegozlou of Dapper Labs, and many more: https://onchainmonkey.com/about-us

Where Can You Buy OnChainMonkey Ordinals?

OnchainMonkey Ordinals can be found on leading Ordinals marketplaces:

  • OCM Genesis on Magic Eden, Osura, and Gamma
  • OCM Dimensions on Magic Eden, Osura, and Gamma

Navigating Your First OCM Purchase

Purchasing OCM Ordinals involves selecting your preferred marketplace, connecting a Bitcoin Ordinals-aware wallet (such as Xverse), and choosing between direct purchases or making offers.

Transactions are secured by the Bitcoin network, ensuring ownership is immutable and verifiable.

Securing and Managing Your OCM Collection with Xverse

Xverse wallet offers a secure and user-friendly option for managing OCM and other Ordinals collections, providing seamless integration with marketplaces and a comprehensive view of your digital assets.

OnChainMonkey stands as a testament to the potential of NFTs on Bitcoin, pushing the boundaries of digital art and ownership.

As the Ordinals space grows, OCM continues to lead with innovation and community-driven initiatives.

For those interested in exploring this historic collection and becoming part of the OCM community, visiting the official OCM website or engaging with the community on Discord and Twitter is a great start!

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