What Are Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about the Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) collection and how you can buy these Ordinal inscriptions.

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Elizabeth Olson


May 29, 2024

Leading Ordinals collections like Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) are being sold at world-renowned art auction houses like Sotheby’s, indicating that Bitcoin Ordinals are beginning to gain mainstream recognition. 

In this guide, we will discuss the Ordinals Maxi Biz collection and how you can buy it.

What Is the Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) Collection?

Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) is a collection of 5,141 Profile Picture (PFP) images inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each inscription is hand-drawn and features a sketch of a head with a distinctive eye color trait based on the block on which it was inscribed. 

For instance, blue OMBs were inscribed on block 78, while green ones were inscribed on block 9. These blocks were mined in the early days after Bitcoin’s launch. 

The collection was created in 2023 by the Ordinals advocate ZK Shark in partnership with artists Tony Tafuro and Nullish.

Why Are People Collecting OMB Inscriptions?

The OMB collection has attracted a devoted community of enthusiasts and is currently one of the top Ordinals collections, according to DappRadar data. This interest has been fueled by the following factors:

The collection contains artwork inscribed on some of the oldest Satoshis

Blue and green OMB inscriptions were inscribed on the oldest satoshis, giving them historical significance. 

The green PFPs were inscribed on block 9, mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, while the blue digital artifacts were inscribed on block 78, mined by Hal Finney, the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction. The OMB team managed this with the help of Nullish’s sat-hunting skills. Nullish initiated the notion of sat hunting, which is the process of looking for rare sats.

A set of four OMB inscriptions sold for $441,000 at Christie's

Christie’s, a British auction house focused on luxury listings, featured a set of four OMB inscriptions for digital auction in April 2024. The set contained blue, green, red, and orange OMBs, which collectively sold for $441,000. 

This was the first time a Bitcoin Ordinals collection was featured at a Christie’s online auction.

CryptoPunks were burned for OMBs

In June 2023, the Bitcoin Bandits Ordinals team led by Natan Stein created a campaign where CryptoPunk owners could burn their assets and inscribe them on Bitcoin in exchange for a spot on the OMB allowlist. This campaign would essentially  “move” a CryptoPunk from Ethereum to Bitcoin to demonstrate the latter’s innovation potential in the NFT space. 

Despite their value, two Punks were successfully moved from Ethereum to Bitcoin. Punk #8611 was the first to cross, followed by Punk #9146. Punk #8611 had sold for a little more than $96,000 before it was sent to a burn address. 

Where Can You Buy Ordinals Maxi Biz?

Now that you have learned about Ordinal Maxi Biz PFPs, here are two popular marketplaces that list them for purchase. 

OKX NFT Marketplace

The OKX NFT marketplace supports the trading of various Ordinals, including OMBs. Currently, eight OMB inscriptions are listed on this platform, and the floor price or minimum price you can pay for a single OMB digital artifact is 0.36 BTC (approximately $24,000 as of this writing). The total trading volume of OMBs on OKX is 1,420 BTC (over $96 million).

Magic Eden

Magic Eden supports the buying and selling of digital assets on Bitcoin and other chains. Based on the total trading volume of 1,646 BTC (more than $111 million) and the 365 listed OMBs, most of the collection’s trading occurs on this platform. The floor price of each OMB inscription is 0.3 BTC (about $20,000).

How to Buy Ordinals Maxi Biz Using Xverse

Xverse makes it easy to purchase OMB inscriptions on Ordinals marketplaces like Magic Eden and OKX. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

  • Open your Xverse wallet or download it if you don’t already have one. We will use the browser extension wallet for this transaction.
  • You can buy BTC directly from within the wallet app. The amount should be enough to cover the transaction fees for the OMB purchase. 
  • Go to your preferred marketplace and connect your Xverse wallet. We will use Magic Eden in this example. 
  • In the search field, type Ordinal Maxi Biz.
  • Scroll through the collection until you find an OMB that you like.
  • Choose a transaction fee category (low, standard, or high) and click “Buy Now.”
  • Complete the transaction and wait for your OMB to reflect in your Xverse wallet. 

Once the transaction has been confirmed, click on the diamond icon at the bottom of your Xverse wallet’s menu bar to find your new inscription. 

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is to buy an OMB Ordinal using Xverse. 

Securely Store Your Ordinals Maxi Biz Using Xverse Wallet

Xverse is a market-leading Bitcoin Ordinals wallet that allows you to securely store, view, buy, sell, and manage your OMB inscriptions and other digital artifacts using a simple and easy interface.

In addition to supporting Bitcoin Ordinals, Xverse enables you to buy, send, receive, and manage BTC, BRC-20, Runes, and other Bitcoin-native assets. 

Download Xverse now to start enjoying the exciting world of Ordinals! 

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