A Bitcoin Renaissance: Xverse presents Ordinals Alley at the Bitcoin Miami Conference

May 22, 2023
7 min

Xverse and Gamma joined forces to present "Ordinals Alley," the first-ever fine art gallery for Bitcoin Ordinals showcased at the largest Bitcoin Conference worldwide.

Xverse Ordinals wallet and Gamma joined forces to present "Ordinals Alley," the first-ever fine art gallery for Bitcoin Ordinals showcased at the largest Bitcoin Conference worldwide.

Bitcoin Ordinals are the latest innovation to come out of the Bitcoin ecosystem, enabling anyone to inscribe data directly on-chain. This breakthrough has sparked a Bitcoin Renaissance, attracting a fresh wave of creatives aiming to immortalize their art, as well as infrastructure initiatives striving to bolster the ecosystem’s flourishing use cases.

Presenting a Bitcoin Renaissance

As visitors at Bitcoin 2023 stepped into our gallery, they embarked on a journey through the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals. They gallery encouraged viewers to discover how Ordinals leverage Bitcoin’s scarce block space to not only transact and exchange sats, but also to connect and safeguard our most cherished moments and historical artifacts. In a world of fleeting news and flash trends, Bitcoin Ordinals offer a lasting legacy, digitally etched for generations to come. 

Ordinals Alley Curation Process

The gallery’s curation was co-led by Dennis Koch, Art Gallery Director for Bitcoin Magazine, and Hugo Pouchard, Art Curator & Advisor for Gamma and Xverse, prev. Christie's, Artsy. With a decade of involvement in the digital/tech art field, including assisting Christie's transition to the online realm and developing the European market for artsy.net, Hugo Pouchard brought invaluable expertise. He currently leads faction.art, an art incubator, providing support, advice to artists, and curating shows for galleries venturing into Web3.

To kickstart the art selection process for Ordinals Alley, we invited artists worldwide to submit their art in an "Artist Open Call", offering emerging talents the chance to showcase their work to a global audience on six screens. Within a week, Gamma and Xverse received an overwhelming response, with nearly 200 applications from artists specializing in various techniques, ranging from poetry to interactive and generative art.

We assembled a curation committee comprising professional curators, collectors, and art connoisseurs. Each curator brought a unique perspective, experiences, and approaches to art, making the curation process all the more intriguing. The selected artists were chosen based on their artistic practice, previous works, biography, proposed projects for the exhibition, and their long-term vision for Ordinals.

Meet the Artist Open Call Curators:

  • Sarah Rossien, Associate Artistic Director at Art Blocks.
  • AC, Generative Art Collector, Partner at 6529 Capital, and Head of Generative Art desk.
  • Hugo Pouchard, Art Curator & Advisor, formerly at Christie's and artsy.net.
  • Cozomo di Medici, Digital Art Patron and Founder of The Medici Collection.
  • Sarah Meyohas, Conceptual Artist & Founder of Bitchcoin.
  • Malte Rauch, Partnerships & Curation at brtmoments and Advisor at glitchmarfa.

The other 15 screens in Ordinals Alley Art Gallery featured a stellar lineup of artists and projects whose early inscriptions and creativity left a lasting impression. These exceptional artists, curated through a rigorous selection process, showcased their expertise in diverse digital mediums. Their works encompassed 3D modeling, generative art, animation, and mixed media, transforming the gallery into a captivating realm of innovation and artistic brilliance.

Featured Artists and Inscription Projects

Future of Art on Bitcoin (Open Call) curated artists:

Future of Art on Bitcoin curated artists:

Early inscription series:

Ordinals Reignite Bitcoin Culture

Ordinals are catalysts for change — driving adoption, promoting self-custody, and paving the way for new markets, miners, and nodes. They’re reigniting the creative spark at the heart of Bitcoin culture, encouraging exploration and innovation. So, whether you’re on board with files stored on the blockchain or not, one thing’s for sure: Ordinals are a big deal for Bitcoin. 

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