The Future of Generative Art on Bitcoin: OnChainMonkey Selects Xverse for OCM Dimensions Launch

June 15, 2023
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OnChain Monkey by Metagood has partnered with Xverse, the leading Bitcoin wallet for Web3, for the launch of OCM Dimensions.

OnChainMonkey (OCM) by Metagood has selected Xverse, the leading Bitcoin wallet for Web3, as one of its exclusive wallet providers for the launch of its newest groundbreaking collection, OCM Dimensions. This 3D, animated, and interactive collection of 300 Bitcoin Ordinals marks a significant milestone for digital assets, as it is the first time a collection of this quality is rendered entirely from code on the Bitcoin network. The 1/1 Ordinals will be inscribed on Satoshis mined in January 2009 (block 78), paying tribute to the month Bitcoin first went live.

Revolutionizing Generative Art on Bitcoin

Bitcoin holds immeasurable value for humanity as the network that holds unparalleled security, permanence, and decentralization. Bitcoin Ordinals leverages this potential by enabling storage of digital artifacts directly on-chain.

OCM Dimensions is a groundbreaking generative art collection, created and rendered entirely from code inscribed directly on layer-1 Bitcoin, the most secure and trusted blockchain. By meticulously crafting art directly from code, OCM Dimensions provides a step in what’s possible for digital asset collections. This innovative approach expands the boundaries of artistic expression and digital ownership fostering a vibrant community of collectors and enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Recursive Inscriptions and Composability

Recursive inscriptions are the latest innovation created by Ordinals developers to offer scalable solutions for generative art. Recursive inscriptions allow for inscriptions to reference other inscriptions, enabling an important design-principle called composability in which new inscriptions can be assembled from modular code from multiple inscriptions. Metagood refers to their use of these powerful building blocks as “building skyscrapers" on Bitcoin.  “Over decades, people have figured out that the skyscraper is the best use of the most expensive land, and this is true everywhere in the world. Similarly, Bitcoin’s digital land will lead to a digital skyscraper approach by innovative new creators.” - Danny Yang, Creator of OnChain Monkey 

Xverse Support for Recursive Inscriptions

Xverse Ordinals wallet has been at the forefront of supporting these new innovations since early 2023, providing users with the most advanced and user-friendly experience for the latest developments on Bitcoin.

“The OCM Dimensions collection is trailblazing the immense potential for generative art on Bitcoin,” says Ken Liao, CEO of Xverse. “Recursive inscriptions on Bitcoin unlocks new use cases and scales the Ordinal protocol, further positioning Bitcoin as the premium network for art and other digital assets."

As a launch partner for OCM Dimensions, Xverse supports collectors with a seamless connection to the OCM Dimensions mint, and allows them to safely store the Ordinals in their wallet. If desired, users can also seamlessly transfer or trade their Ordinals by connecting to apps through Xverse.

Metagood's Vision for High-Quality Digital Artifacts

Metagood, the blockchain technology and digital assets leader behind the OCM Dimensions collection, has set a new standard for high-quality digital artifacts. Following the successful launch of the first 10,000 on-chain NFT collection in a single transaction on Ethereum, Metagood made history again by inscribing a 10,000 PFP NFT collection on Bitcoin. The company's commitment to impactful investing has been recognized in Fast Company's 2022 Best World Changing Ideas Awards.

The integration between OnChainMonkey and Xverse represents an exciting milestone in the world of generative art and blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of recursion and composability, Bitcoin's potential as a premium canvas for art and digital assets is being realized. The OCM Dimensions launch serves as a catalyst for further innovation and exploration, demonstrating the vast possibilities that lie ahead for artistic expression and digital ownership within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

To learn more about the OCM Dimensions project, visit the official website.

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