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STX-20 Tokens

Xverse - The Best Wallet for STX-20 Tokens

Xverse is the market-leading Bitcoin wallet serving the fast-growing Bitcoin Web3 ecosystem.

As a Bitcoin Web3 wallet for everyone, Xverse enables you to securely buy, store, send, and receive Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Ordinals, and BRC-20 tokens. Moreover, Xverse allows you to manage Layer-2 assets, such as STX-20 tokens, SIP10 tokens, and Stacks (STX) assets, conveniently in one place.

What Are STX-20 Tokens?

STX-20 is a new token standard on Stacks, a popular smart contract-enabled Bitcoin layer, which enables the issuance of fungible tokens. 

Created in December 2023, the STX-20 token standard mimics the popular BRC-20 token standard on Bitcoin, enabling on-chain fungible tokens to be minted, transferred, and traded directly on Stacks blockchain. 

STX-20 token inscriptions employ the transaction memo field concept, eliminating the need for complex smart contract code and simplifying token creation and management. 

Though a relatively new concept, STX-20 tokens represent a unique approach to creating and managing digital assets, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of Web3.

Securely Send & Receive STX-20 Tokens 

You can store, send, and receive STX-20 tokens using Xverse while retaining full control over your private keys. Xverse is your go-to wallet for storing and managing all your STX-20 tokens. Besides the popular Xverse Chrome Extension, you can also download the popular Web3 wallet on your Android or iOS device.

Buy & Sell STX-20 Tokens With Ease

You can easily connect your Xverse Stacks wallet to STX-20 marketplaces that allow you to buy and sell STX-20 tokens. Make sure you have enough STX in your wallet to cover transaction fees.

Download Xverse to start trading STX-20 tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an STX-20 wallet?

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An STX-20 wallet is a crypto wallet that supports the Stacks blockchain, enabling users to mint, transfer, and store STX-20 tokens. An example of a market-leading Web3 wallet that supports STX-20 tokens is Xverse.

How do STX-20 tokens work?

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STX-20 tokens are an innovative approach to creating and minting fungible tokens on the Stacks blockchain, inspired by the Ordinals-powered BRC-20 token standard on Bitcoin.

The STX-20 protocol uses the transaction memo field to provide a more efficient, gas-saving option to regular smart contracts for token creation and issuance. Besides requiring a minimal on-chain footprint, STX-20 tokens provide a new form of token issuance on Stacks in addition to the SIP-10 token standard. 

What’s the difference between STX-20 and SIP-10 tokens?

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STX-20 and SIP-10 tokens represent token standards for creating and issuing digital assets on the Stacks blockchain, but they are fundamentally different. 

The STX-20 protocol is akin to Bitcoin’s BRC20 token standard, allowing you to inscribe fungible tokens directly onto the Stacks blockchain. Conversely, SIP-10 tokens are similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, enabling you to deploy these types of tokens using a smart contract on the Stacks blockchain, providing a range of smart contract-powered functionalities that STX-20 tokens don’t possess.

How to invest in STX-20 tokens?

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To invest in STX-20 tokens, you first need a Web3 wallet that supports the Stacks blockchain, such as Xverse. Next, you need to find an STX-20 marketplace that allows you to buy and sell the STX-20 tokens you are planning to invest in. Once you have found a marketplace, connect your Xverse wallet to it. If you don’t have any Stacks (STX) tokens in your wallet, fund your wallet by buying STX tokens to pay for gas fees. Next, you purchase the STX-20 token you would like to invest in and confirm the transaction using your Xverse wallet.

Are STX-20 tokens risky?

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STX-20 tokens launched in December 2023 and thus haven't established a track record or proven their long-term viability. The market for these tokens is highly volatile. Therefore, it's crucial to approach STX-20 tokens with caution. Do your research and only invest what you can afford to lose if you plan on minting or buying any.

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