How To Buy Stacks (STX): 4 Easy Steps

November 18, 2022
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Understand the basics of the Stacks blockchain and how to passively earn Bitcoin using the Xverse app. Learn how to start buying STX today!

Interested in exploring Web3 on Bitcoin and earning Bitcoin yield? Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable by bringing smart contracts to the world's original blockchain while maintaining Bitcoin's guiding principles of security and decentralization. Xverse makes it easy to earn Bitcoin (BTC) through a stacking pool and access Web3 apps built on Stacks. Whether you’re looking to lend assets on DeFi protocols or mint NFTs on marketplaces, Xverse is your one-stop shop for the expansive Stacks ecosystem. If you want to learn more about STX, the native token of the Stacks blockchain, where to purchase it, how to and how to participate in a stacking pool, you're in the right place.

What is Stacks, and How Does It Relate to Bitcoin?

Stacks, formerly known as Blockstack, is an open source network that brings smart contracts to Bitcoin. While very simple smart contracts are possible on Bitcoin, more powerful and expressive smart contracts required for Web3 applications did not exist until the launch of the Stacks blockchain in January 2021. Stacks has since become the largest and fastest-growing Web3 project on Bitcoin, using a unique consensus mechanism called proof of transfer (PoX) which enables Stacks blocks to be secured using existing Bitcoin proof-of-work (PoW). Now advanced smart contracts required for Web3 are possible on Bitcoin without making any changes to Bitcoin itself.

The native token Stacks (STX) is used as the gas token to power smart contract execution. In 2019, STX became the first SEC-qualified token offering– the first blockchain to achieve this status in the US, with the Stacks foundation launching in 2020.

The Price of STX 

Similar to other currencies, the value of STX can fluctuate, depending on the market. The best source to view the cryptocurrency prices is Here you can find current and historical data on STX, including markets, news, price estimates and more.

How Do I Buy STX, and Where?

The easiest way to purchase STX is through fiat onramp services. Xverse allows users to purchase both Bitcoin and Stacks directly in its secure app. The platform integrates with MoonPay and Binance which are reliable crypto payment processors, providing on-ramp services to new users. Both fiat onramp providers offer incredibly flexible payment options, allowing users to use debit or credit cards, Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay apps, or even a bank transfer to purchase STX and BTC. Purchasing STX through Xverse is as simple as ordering a shirt online – it really is that simple, and secure.

Buying Stacks (STX) in 4 Easy Steps

Xverse offers users the easiest way to buy STX and BTC in the app:

  1. On the app, tap on the “Buy” icon and select BTC or STX. Then select which fiat onramp exchange you’d like to use: Moonpay, Binance or Transak
  2. Enter the amount of fiat currency, BTC, or STX you wish to buy
  3. Enter your Xverse wallet address and verify your information and email
  4. Now, you can purchase STX or BTC with your preferred payment method, including a credit card.

Stack STX to Earn Native BTC

Furthermore, Xverse offers users the ability to passively earn on avg. 10% APY Bitcoin rewards using a stacking pool, with the option to participate with as little as 100 STX. A stacking cycle occurs each time a new Bitcoin block is mined, which takes approximately two weeks. You can check the status of a current cycle, including an estimated minimum reward, at

Using an app like Xverse allows you to send, receive and purchase BTC or STX, passively earn BTC rewards in the stacking pool and access a new world of Bitcoin Web3 dapps. Get started by downloading the Xverse app on the App Store or Google Play today. To learn more about the Stacks blockchain and the latest Bitcoin news and updates, visit the Xverse blog.

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