What Are Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about the popular Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals collection and how you can use Xverse to buy Bitcoin Frogs.

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Elizabeth Olson


January 21, 2024

Bitcoin Frogs is one of the most successful inscription collections to date. In this guide, you will learn about Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals and where you can buy them.

What Are Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals? 

Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals are 10,000 images of frogs inscribed on Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. 

The PFP collection was minted for free, and the only cost that minters paid was the transaction fee. All 10,000 inscriptions have been minted.

Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals were created in March 2023 by an anonymous artist, Frogtoshi, and Deezy Labs. Deezy is a Bitcoin company focused on Lightning payments and helping projects launch Ordinals collections

Ribbit! Why Are People Buying Bitcoin Frogs?

When Deezy and Frogtoshi launched the project in early 2023, anyone could mint Bitcoin Frogs for free. The only expense incurred for minting a 5 kb Bitcoin Frog was transaction fees. 

Besides the free mint, the project has also built a strong and fun community on social media that uses expressions like “frogs follow frogs” and “Ribbit!” Also, Bitcoin Frogs owners regularly share images of their inscriptions with the caption: “This is me!”

These factors have made Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals so popular that they surpassed Bored Apes in mid-May 2023 to become the most traded NFT collection in the crypto space. At the time, Bitcoin Frogs recorded sales of more than $2 million, while Bored Apes registered sales of $1.3 million. The average sale of a Bitcoin Frog in May was $1,746.

After having a successful month in May, sales in Bitcoin Frogs declined significantly, and it was not until November that sales volume started to pick up again, surpassing the $3 million mark. 

The renewed interest in Bitcoin Frogs continued into December when sales volumes rose to almost $5 million. According to Crypto Slam, the average sale of a Bitcoin Frog climbed from $3,786 in November to $10,474 in December.

Sales volumes have dropped in January 2024, but the average sale is still relatively high at $9,236.

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin Frogs?

Here is a list of Ordinals marketplaces where Bitcoin Frogs are listed for sale. 

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an NFT marketplace focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. It presently lists 761 Bitcoin Frogs Ordinals for sale. The floor price on Magic Eden is around 0.1 BTC, which is approximately $4,144.

OKX Ordinals Marketplace

The OKX Ordinals Marketplace is a platform created by the crypto exchange OKX. Users can buy and sell Ordinals inscriptions and other Ordinals-based assets.

OKX currently has about 472 Bitcoin Frogs listed on its Ordinals platform. Similar to Magic Eden, the floor price on OKX is 0.1 BTC.

Ordinals Wallet

Ordinals Wallet is a marketplace where you can buy and sell Bitcoin Frogs and other inscriptions. At the time of writing, there were 115 Bitcoin Frogs listed for sale at a floor price of about 0.2 BTC ($8,288).


Gamma is another Ordinals marketplace that has Bitcoin Frogs listed for sale. The platform focuses on Ordinal inscriptions and Stacks NFTs.

Currently, Gamma has 12 Bitcoin Frogs listed for sale, with a floor price of 0.4 BTC ($16,576) at the time of writing. 

You can connect your Xverse Wallet to any of the above-listed marketplaces to purchase a Bitcoin Frog. 

How to Buy Bitcoin Frogs Using Xverse Wallet

Now that you know where to buy Bitcoin Frogs, here is a step-by-step guide to how to buy inscriptions from this Ordinals collection using Xverse Wallet on Magic Eden.

  • To begin, download the Xverse Chrome extension wallet if you haven’t already, and then set it up.
  • Fund your wallet with enough BTC to make the purchase and pay transaction fees.  You can buy Bitcoin directly within your Xverse wallet.
  • Next, open the Magic Eden website on your browser.
  • At the top left side of the homepage, select Bitcoin and connect your Xverse wallet.
  • Once connected, type Bitcoin Frogs in the search bar and start exploring. 
  • After finding your desired Bitcoin Frogs Ordinal inscription, click “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer.” The latter option allows you to offer the seller the price you are willing to pay, while the former enables you to acquire the inscription at the listed price.
  • If you make an offer, you will have to wait, probably for days, for the seller to accept it. Alternatively, buying a Bitcoin Frog at the listed price means that the transaction will be completed in hours. However, keep in mind that the amount of transaction fees you pay and the level of activity on the Bitcoin network will determine how fast your transaction is confirmed.
  • The purchased Bitcoin Frog will hit your Xverse Wallet once miners confirm the transaction.

And that’s it! 

Once the transaction is complete, you can click the diamond icon to view your Bitcoin Frog on Xverse.

Securely Store & Manage Your Bitcoin Frogs With Xverse

Xverse is the most user-friendly and secure Bitcoin web3 wallet, enabling you to manage all your Bitcoin on-chain assets conveniently in one place. 

Available as a Chrome extension and a mobile app for Android and iOS, Xverse allows you to seamlessly connect to Ordinals marketplaces to buy, sell, and inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals, including popular collections such as Bitcoin Frogs.  

Download Xverse today to securely store and manage your Bitcoin Ordinals collection.

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