What Are Pizza Ninjas Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about the Pizza Ninjas Ordinals collection and how to buy them using your Xverse wallet.

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Elizabeth Olson


May 27, 2024

If you’re excited about Ordinals and love pizza, you’re probably also excited about Pizza Ninjas. Pizza Ninjas is a collection of inscriptions that is taking PFPs to a whole new level. 

Read on to learn what Pizza Ninjas Ordinal inscriptions are and how to buy them. 

What Are Pizza Ninjas?

Pizza Ninjas are 1,500 Profile Picture (PFP) inscriptions of generative art living on the Bitcoin blockchain. They feature a distinctive orange background color and dynamic traits that transform with Bitcoin’s block height. For instance, the inscriptions’ traits can change to reflect a current holiday. 

Pizza Ninjas aim to give holders a sense of nostalgia with the 90s ninja theme. The digital artifacts are inscribed on Pizza satoshis to capture a significant event in Bitcoin’s history.  

Pizza satoshis were used in a 2010 transaction where Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. This historic event, celebrated annually, proved Bitcoin’s potential as a medium of exchange. 

In addition to capturing 90s nostalgia and Bitcoin history, Pizza Ninjas tap into the latest updates of the Ordinals protocol, such as recursive inscriptions and parent-child endpoint. 

The recursive feature gives Pizza Ninjas a higher resolution than older inscriptions, while the parent-child endpoint will allow holders to customize (add functionality or content) their Ninjas in the future.

Holders have full commercial rights, enabling them to sublicense, modify, copy, display, distribute, and commercialize their inscriptions. 

Ninjalerts inscribed Pizza Ninjas on Bitcoin in January 2024, and they were designed in collaboration with NFT artist Boozy. The team plans to expand the codebase over time, giving inscription holders the option to upgrade their digital assets to newer versions offering customization and other features without splitting the collection. 

Why Are People Collecting Pizza Ninjas PFPs?

Pizza Ninjas are attracting people’s attention due to the following reasons:

A Pizza Ninja was sold at Sotheby’s for over $100,000

In March 2024, the auction house Sotheby’s featured the first Pizza Ninja inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. This PFP, known as “The Angel,” sold for $139,700. It was inscribed on an uncommon pizza sat used in Hanyecz’s pizza transaction. 

In the Ordinals protocol, uncommon sats have a higher rarity level than common sats but a lower rarity than rare sats.

Users can interact with their assets

Unlike most static NFT PFP collections, Pizza Ninjas give users an interactive experience by allowing customizations through a clickable menu button. 

For example, you can increase the pixel resolution of your Pizza Ninjas Ordinals, add content and fonts (these features will be available in future versions), apply social media stickers or animation effects, and use your inscription to brand your business.

Holders can play Super Nintendo games using their Pizza Ninjas

Pizza Ninja holders can play 90s Super Nintendo (SNES) games within their Ordinal inscription due to the SNES emulator Ninjalerts inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. The SNES emulator features two-player support and gamepad compatibility. 

Inscription owners can play the games directly on their browsers, whether they are using Windows, Linux, or MacOS.  

Where Can You Buy Pizza Ninjas? 

You can buy and sell Pizza Ninjas on the following marketplaces.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an NFT marketplace that enables you to buy and sell Pizza Ninjas. You can currently trade this PFP collection at 0.1 BTC (about $6,000 at the time of writing) or higher. 

As of this writing, the platform has 66 listed Pizza Ninjas, and the trading volume is 217.4 BTC (over $14,000,000). While exploring Pizza Ninjas, you can interact with them by clicking the customization menu button to apply integrated stickers and animation effects.


Gamma is a platform where you can list your Pizza Ninja for sale or buy one listed. Presently, the marketplace has two Pizza Ninjas listed with a floor price of 0.2 BTC (approximately $13,000) and a trading volume of 0.2 BTC. 

Like Magic Eden, you can view a Pizza Ninja in full size to access the customization menu.

The OKX NFT Marketplace

There are about 15 Pizza Ninjas listed on the OKX NFT Marketplace. You can purchase these NFTs using your Xverse wallet at 0.16 BTC (more than $10,000) or more. Moreover, you can list your PFP for sale at your desired price. 

At the time of writing, the total trading volume of this collection was 224.4 BTC (just over $15,000).

How to Buy Pizza Ninjas Using Xverse

Here’s how you can purchase a Pizza Ninja using your Xverse wallet on the OKX NFT Marketplace. 

  • Unlock your Xverse Chrome extension wallet. If you don’t have this wallet version, download it and set it up.
  • Load your wallet with enough BTC for transaction fees.
  • Open your preferred marketplace in your browser and click “Connect Wallet.”
  • Type “Pizza Ninjas” in the search field and hit “Enter.”
  • Explore the collection until you find a suitable PFP.
  • Click the inscription for full view.
  • Hit the “Buy” button and select a transaction fee level.
  • Click “Confirm” to complete the transaction. Once Bitcoin miners have confirmed the transaction, you will receive the inscription in your Xverse wallet.

And that’s it! That’s how easy it is for you to buy Pizza Ninjas using Xverse. 

Securely Store Your Pizza Ninjas Using Xverse Wallet

Xverse is the market-leading Bitcoin Ordinals wallet that allows you to securely store, view, buy, sell, and manage all your Ordinal inscriptions, including the Pizza Ninjas collection. 

In addition to supporting Ordinals, Xverse also enables you to buy, send, receive, and manage BTC, Runes, and a suitable of other Bitcoin-native assets. 

Download Xverse now to start enjoying the exciting world of Ordinals!

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