What Are Quantum Cats & How Can You Buy the OP_CAT-Inspired Cat Collection?

Learn about Quantum Cats, the popular Ordinals project that pays tribute to OP_CAT script, and how to buy the digital artwork collection using Xverse.

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Elizabeth Olson


May 21, 2024

Taproot Wizards’ latest Ordinals project, Quantum Cats, has been making waves in the Ordinals community. The collection launched on February 5, 2024 with an initial fixed price of 0.1 BTC each, and swiftly sold out within minutes of the public mint going live. 

Read on to learn more about Quantum Cats, why people are collecting them, and how you can buy the OP_CAT-inspired Ordinals collection. 

What Is the Quantum Cats Ordinals Collection?

Quantum Cats is an Ordinals art collection of 3,333 images inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain using Evolve Inscriptions, featuring diverse patterns and styles. 

The Ordinals are a tribute to OP_CAT, a code developed by Satoshi Nakamoto during Bitcoin's first release. The digital art collection features images of cats minted using Ordinal inscriptions created in collaboration with Ordinalhub/Luxor.

Quantum Cats cost $66,000 to create and generated revenue of about $13 million, which exceeded the $7.5 million Taproot Wizard raised from investors last year.

The team behind Quantum Cats promises that the artwork will have evolutionary stages in the future through pre-committed developments. The cats are expected to evolve with the progress of the OP_CAT process. 

What’s OP_CAT And Why Are the Quantum Cats Determined to Save It? 

OP_CAT was originally an opcode (operation code) scripting system on the Bitcoin stack that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced in 2009. It was used to concatenate (join) two data points from a stack together and then put them back atop the stack to make them the first values acted on in the event of a transaction. 

Concated values ensure that associated bitcoin is only spent once set conditions are met. This function enabled the creation of complex covenants, which increased Bitcoin's utility by changing the scripting dynamic.

Satoshi disabled OP_CAT in 2010 due to memory usage and security concerns. They were concerned that using the opcode in loops could cause a DoS (Denial of Service) attack by creating exponentially large script sizes that could affect several aspects of the blockchain's performance, including transaction processing and block validation.

Taproot Wizards are encouraging the restoration of a deleted opcode because technology has developed over the years, and Bitcoin developers have mitigated most of Satoshi's concerns about OP_CAT. The 2021 Bitcoin Taproot upgrade introduced the 520-byte tapscript safeguard that limits the size of data push on a Bitcoin stack. The consensus rule restricts the size of the maximum stack elements to 520 bytes, and any transaction that exceeds the limit is considered invalid. This change nullifies the concerns over OP_CAT memory usage.

The Taproot Wizards team aims to spur the re-adoption of OP_CAT by using the Quantum Cats collection as a marketing campaign. Quantum Cats collectors were urged to learn about OP_CAT and educate the public to direct the community’s attention to a potential BIP for OP_CAT.

Why Are People Collecting Quantum Cats? Where Can You Buy Quantum Cats? 

Quantum Cats is a digital art collection minted using Ordinal inscriptions directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. The collection evolves over time to reveal different attributes and traits of the cats, which sets it apart from other digital art collections. 

Additionally, Quantum Cats is a tribute to the OP_CAT opcode as a potential Bitcoin improvement proposal resonating with community members who want added utility to the blockchain. The digital artwork is a way to spread awareness of the disabled operation code through a creative medium.

You can buy Quantum Cats from reputable digital art marketplaces like Gamma, Magic Eden, and OKX using the Xverse self-custody wallet

How To Buy Quantum Cats Using Xverse Wallet

Xverse is a Web3 Bitcoin wallet that integrates with major Bitcoin Ordinals marketplaces so you can securely buy and sell digital artwork. We will use Magic Eden to illustrate.

Step 1: Go to the Magic Eden website and connect your Xverse wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right corner.

Step 2: Search for ‘Quantum Cats’ and browse the selection.

Step 3: Choose artwork and select ‘Buy Now.’

Step 4: Approve payment and receive the Ordinal in your wallet.

Securing and Managing Your Quantum Cats Collections on Xverse

Xverse is the market-leading Bitcoin Web3 wallet with Ordinals support. You can securely buy, sell, manage, and store your Quantum Cats collection on Xverse. The self-custody wallet has a user-friendly gallery-style interface, allowing you to manage all your Ordinals collections seamlessly.

The Bitcoin Ordinals wallet also lets you store and manage BTC and Bitcoin-native assets, such as BRC-20 tokens, Runes, and Rare Sats.

Download Xverse today to start managing all your Ordinals collections!

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