What Are Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals and how you can buy this Ordinals collection using your Xverse wallet.

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Elizabeth Olson


March 14, 2024

Since the emergence of Ordinal inscriptions, we have been able to witness the launches of countless Ordinals collections, bringing anything from cutting-edge digital art to the fun and obscure to the Ordinals collectors community. 

In this guide, we will take a look at Bitcoin Puppets, why the collection is so popular, and how you can buy Bitcoin Puppets using your Xverse wallet.

What Are Bitcoin Puppets?

Bitcoin Puppets is a Bitcoin Ordinals collection that includes 10,001 hand-drawn MS Paint monkeys engaged in edgy activities. 

The Puppets collection, launched in January 2024, is an expansion of O.P.I.U.M and propagates counterculture.

The project is intended to poke fun at more popular projects, like NodeMonkes and Bitcoin Frogs, and has no roadmap, copyright, or any guarantees. 

According to their website, Bitcoin Puppets have no utility and aren't meant to be taken seriously or used as anything but art.

Why Are People Collecting Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals?

Bitcoin Puppets is a fun art project that doesn't take itself seriously, which resonates with users who want to explore Ordinals without the more serious, speculative investment aspect. 

The project has garnered a lot of attention by reflecting on some of the absurdity of the space and how the community can make money on unserious projects. Taking advantage of inside jokes and memes from the Ordinals community, the collection’s artwork pokes fun at common themes in the community in a light-hearted way. The puppets rally around shared values: "We like the art, world peace, and going to $0" said a puppet community member.

Besides community members buying into the project to continue its humorous streak, Bitcoin Puppets are also popular because they are inscribed as Ordinals on Bitcoin.  

Bitcoin Ordinals are superior to traditional NFTs because they are recorded directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, making them decentralized and secure. They have sparked interest from the Bitcoin and NFT communities by increasing Bitcoin use cases to include selling digital artifacts like Bitcoin Puppets.

The project has built a solid community of collectors riding the wave of Ordinals' popularity and enjoying being part of a simplistic project in Bitcoin culture history.

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin Puppets?

You can buy Bitcoin Puppets on major NFT marketplaces that support Ordinals like Magic Eden, Gamma, and OKX using your Xverse Bitcoin wallet. 

Xverse is a user-friendly, non-custodial Bitcoin Web3 wallet that partners with the biggest Ordinals marketplaces to give you access to popular Bitcoin Ordinals collections like Bitcoin Puppets. 

You can securely buy, sell, inscribe, and manage your Bitcoin Ordinals on the best NFT marketplaces using your Xverse mobile app or Chrome extension. All you need to trade Ordinals using Xverse is to fund your wallet with enough BTC to purchase digital artifacts and connect your wallet to the marketplace.

How to Buy Bitcoin Puppets Using Xverse Wallet

Now, let’s look at how you can buy Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals using your Xverse wallet. We will use the Magic Eden marketplace in this example.

  1. Download Xverse wallet and fund it with BTC. You can also install the Xverse Wallet Chrome extension.
  1. Go to the Magic Eden marketplace website and connect your Xverse wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” icon on the top right of the page. Confirm the connection request.
  1. Search for ‘Bitcoin Puppets’ on the search bar at the top of the page. Explore the Puppets Ordinals collection to find what you want to purchase.
  1. Select the Puppets to purchase by clicking on them. Select ‘Buy Now’ to initiate the purchase.
  1. Complete the purchase confirmation and wait for your Bitcoin Puppets to hit your Xverse Ordinals wallet.

Securely Store & Manage Your Bitcoin Puppets With Xverse

Xverse is the market-leading Bitcoin Web3 wallet with Ordinals support. Standing out for its simplicity and user-friendliness, Xverse enables you to securely store, buy, sell, inscribe, and manage your Bitcoin Ordinal collections like Bitcoin Puppets in a single wallet. 

The popular Bitcoin Web3 wallet also supports Bitcoin-native tokens, such as BRC-20 and Runes, and Stacks-based tokens, such as STX and STX-20.

Download Xverse on iOS and Android, or install the Chrome extension to start collecting Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals today.

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