What Are NodeMonkes Ordinals & How Can You Buy Them?

Learn about NodeMonkes Ordinals and how you can purchase this popular collection using your Xverse wallet.

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Elizabeth Olson


January 30, 2024

NodeMonkes created a buzz at the end of 2023, helping the PFP Ordinals to become one of the hottest collections of early 2024.

This guide will teach you about NodeMonkes Ordinals, why they are popular, and how to buy them.

What Are NodeMonkes Ordinals?

NodeMonkes Ordinals consists of 10,000 unique images inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain in February 2023 using the Ordinals protocol. The images feature odd-looking blocks squashed together to create a diverse range of characters, from monkeys to ducks. 

Although the PFP collection was inscribed in early 2023, the anonymous team behind the project put up 8,000 inscriptions for auction on December 21, 2023. 

The starting price was 0.21 BTC and fell by 0.005 BTC every six blocks, approximately every hour. Winning bidders have been claiming their NodeMonkes on Magic Eden since December 29.

Why Are People Buying NodeMonkes?

The NodeMonkes Ordinals collection has drawn so much attention since going live in December 2023 that it exceeded a trading volume of 500 BTC after four days of trading. 

Furthermore, the collection surpassed Bitcoin Frogs in popularity within the first week of its launch as investors flocked to acquire NodeMonkes inscriptions.

According to data from Magic Eden, the collection currently has a total trading volume of approximately 1,400 BTC ($55.6 million).

One of the things the project has done to promote the collection is producing 400 separate honorary inscriptions to celebrate Web3 luminaries. The team has also generated original art that is easily recognizable, and interested buyers can sort out the collection by rarity on the project’s website. 

A few of the inscriptions reference CryptoPunk aliens, making them significantly desirable. Four of these inscriptions sold for 2 BTC each in early January 2024.

The co-founder of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Wylie Aronow, also known as Gordon Goner, helped create demand for these inscriptions when he purchased an extremely rare duck. Goner used the NodeMonkes catchphrase, ‘Send nodes,’ when announcing his purchase. These words are regularly used by the Bitcoin NodeMonkes community. 

Where Can You Buy NodeMonkes?

NodeMonke inscriptions are listed for sale on several Bitcoin Ordinals marketplaces that support Ordinal inscriptions. Here are the three leading platforms you can explore:

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that also supports Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions, enabling users to connect their Xverse wallet to buy and sell a wide range of Ordinals. At the time of writing, there were 1,400 NodeMonkes listed for sale, and the floor price was 0.2 BTC ($7,981.6).  

The OKX Ordinals Marketplace

The OKX Ordinals Marketplace is another popular platform where NodeMonke owners list their inscriptions for sale and collectors can purchase them. The marketplace is currently recording a floor price of 0.2 BTC ($7,981.6), with about 240 NodeMonkes listed.

Ordinals Wallet

Ordinals Wallet is a marketplace for trading digital artifacts, which presently has 12 NodeMonkes listed, with a floor price of 0.3 BTC ($11,972.4). 

How to Buy NodeMonkes Using Xverse Wallet

Let’s take a look at how to buy NodeMonkes using the Xverse Ordinals wallet. We will use Magic Eden as an example.  

  • Begin by downloading and setting up the Xverse Chrome wallet extension.
  • Load the wallet with sufficient BTC to purchase the inscription and cover network fees. You can purchase BTC directly within your Xverse wallet. 
  • Next, open the Magic Eden website on your browser.
  • Select the Bitcoin logo and connect your Xverse wallet.
  • Look for the NodeMonkes collection using the search bar at the top. 
  • Explore the collection to find the inscription of your choice. You should consider using MonkeDEX to discover a NodeMonke’s degree of rarity. 
  • Alternatively, if you're looking to acquire the rarest inscriptions, you can sort the entire collection by rarity in ascending order on MonkeDEX. However, remember that not all NodeMonkes have been listed for sale by their owners. 
  • Once you have found a NodeMonke that you like and it’s listed for sale, click ‘Buy Now’ or Make an offer.’ The buy now option will allow you to purchase the NodeMonke immediately, while the option to make an offer enables you to submit the price you are willing to pay to the seller. 
  • Note that the seller can accept or decline your offer. If the seller accepts your offer, the platform will automatically withdraw BTC from your wallet to cover the purchase expenses and fees.
  • Whether you use the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Make an Offer’ option, the inscription will hit your Xverse Ordinals wallet once the transaction is confirmed on-chain. 

Finally, you can click the diamond Collecitbles icon on the menu bar of your Xverse wallet to view your NodeMonke.

Securely Store & Manage Your NodeMonkes With Xverse

Xverse is a beginner-friendly Bitcoin Web3 wallet that enables you to securely store all your Bitcoin Ordinals, including NodeMonkees. It also provides a gallery-style interface for Ordinal inscriptions, allowing users to view and manage their collections seamlessly.

Besides Ordinal inscriptions, Xverse users can also store and manage Bitcoin-native assets, such as BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Stacks (STX) and STX-20 tokens.

Download Xverse now to start collecting all your favorite Ordinal collections.

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